Achevements in “The National ring of kvass”

“The National Ring of Kvass” („Nacionalinis Giros Ringas“) chooses the best kvass in Lithuania. According to the rules of the competition, the kvass is chosen to participate in the Ring from the stores of Lithuania without the knowledge or participation of its manufacturers.

The kvass is being valued by “blind tasting”: the members of the committee, as well as the people, do not know, which kvass they’re tasting. Till the event, the kvass is being kept for three days under the same conditions as any other kvass.

There are four sets of medals:

  • Grand Prix
  • Golden Medal
  • Silver Medal
  • Bronze Medal

The kvass “The kvass of Old Pasvalys” („Senojo Pasvalio gira“), which is being fermented and manufactured according to the old traditions in PLC Alsteka (UAB „Alsteka“), received the major Grand Prix award in “The National Ring of Kvass 2012” („Nacionalinis giros ringas 2012“). In 2013 it received a bronze medal.


 diplomas grandpri palakatas bronza 1

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