The new branch of Craft beer line was created in ALSTEKA invoking all things together: Proven experience, proprietary recipes, challenging composition of brewing components and new attitude of nowadays concept to the Craft beer.

The unique approach of creating the new brands of Craft beer was involving famous artists in the creating of the products.

The best samples of this outcome are the following items of beer: “Voodoo tune“; „Heathens Saviour“; „Honey Meadow“; „Wheat Molly“; „Buck‘s Salvation“; „Shrove Miracle“; „BlueBuck“

Wheat molly

Wheaten beer

This is light whittish wheaten beer which contains 4.8% of alcohol by volume.

It is made under original family recipe.

It is particulary fresh, a slightly bitter with gentle taste of fruit.

A Special composition of two types of malt and three varieties of hops provides beer exclusive taste and aroma.

Available in 500ml and 330ml bottles